To assist in determining the impacts that development has on the local community. This service can be used as part of an Environmental Impact Statement, in conjunction with a gaming license application or as a marketing tool. Whether you are building an airport, casino, hotel, waterpark or retail shopping center, TMG can determine both the qualitative and quantitative impacts of the development on the local community.

Provided by Client:
1. Development plans
2. Employment and revenue projections for the development

Provided by TMG: 1. Established expertise in working with local governments
2. Report detailing the quantitative and qualitative impacts of development
3. Indirect employment generated by facility

A detailed report that presents both the positive and negative impacts your development has on the local region. Using the number of persons directly employed at the development as well as revenue projections, we determine the number of indirect and induced jobs generated in the local area due to your development. Based on the new employment opportunities, we project the number of new residents who will move into the area. Based on the new resident level, we estimate the increase in tax revenue (property tax, retail tax, lodging tax, fines and fees) collected by the locality. Then, we calculate the cost born by the local government to provide services to new residents and the development. Costs are projected for both operations and capital improvements for all departments: fire, police, emergency services, water and sewer, administration, schools, recreation, roads, etc.

1. Environmental Impact Statement
2. Casino gaming license
3. Gaming compact or memorandum of understandingnegotiations
4. Marketing tool

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